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Thrive in business without sacrificing your life

Mastermind + Coaching

for Christian Business Women

Your business is established.

You've got clients or customers.

Revenue is coming in consistently.

BUT SOME DAYS... feel all alone. You wish you had someone to help you strategize your next business moves, or a group of women who would support you when you’re down.

You want to have a thriving business, maybe even scale what you’ve already created. But sometimes it feel challenging to know how to get to that next level.

Businesses are unique… just like you. God has gifted you a particular way, and you’ve got goals and dreams that don’t look the same as the next gal.

Elevating your business takes a customized approach that aligns with who you are and where you want to go. And that doesn’t happen in a huge course or group coaching program.  

You need the upLIFT Path

to a Thriving Business.

Imagine growing your business with the guidance of a coach and the support of other business women all within the context of your Christian faith.

Inside the upLIFT Mentormind, I’m committed to helping you thrive in your business (and your life).

“She has the care and the dedication... as well as the community.”

"There's a million coaches out there that do what Esther does. But the difference to me is that Esther's got not only the systems that maybe some other people have, but she's got the care and the dedication that will bring it all together, as well as the community. And specifically for me, the Christian component was really important.”

Karen laos OF karen laos consulting.

If you are ready to experience joy & fulfillment, feel peace instead of panic, and time freedom in your business… 

Join the upLIFT Mentormind

an exclusive mastermind for Christian women service providers, coaches, and course creators.

What's Included in the upLIFT Mentormind?


Marketing Strategy + Business Coaching

When you join upLIFT, you’ll get an onboarding strategy call with me, along with group coaching calls. In addition, you’ll get 1:1 Voxer access so you can have me in your back pocket whenever you need me! On top of that, you can submit items for review weekly–sale pages, opt-ins, new offers-I’ll give you my personalized feedback.


Christian Community

One of the best parts of upLIFT is the women who understand why you want to pray about a business decision. With weekly calls, a Facebook Group, and in-person retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to create life-long relationships that go beyond business.


Business Training + Templates

You’ll get access to LIVE monthly training, customized to the needs of the group. In addition, you can utilize our back catalog of training sessions as well as several courses. Plus I provide lots of helpful templates and tools that simplify your biz, such as Trello Boards and spreadsheets. 



Thriving in business means that you are not just creating big goals and dreams, but also that you have identified priorities and you have a plan to accomplish those goals. In upLIFT, you’ll have quarterly Strategic Mapping™ Sessions, monthly goal setting, and twice a month check-ins from our accountability coach. 

wondering if uplift is for you?

upLIFT can help established business women create the thriving business they long for, so they can live their ideal life.

Service providers who want to simplify and streamline so they can scale

Business owners who want to pivot their model

Experts who want to leverage their experience in a consulting role

Content creators who want to launch a course

Coaches who want earn more without sacrificing more time

Agency owners who want more time freedom

“I'm being pushed (in a good way) to a whole new level.”

“UpLIFT is helping me move forward much faster than I could on my own--I'm being pushed (in a good way) to a whole new level.”

Cyndee Ownbey, Women’s Ministry Toolbox.

As a member, you will also get:

my entire course library

During your time in upLIFT, you get access to all of my courses including Focus to Fund & Podcast in a Weekend, along with discounted access to courses I’ve collaborated on. 


offer cure course

This bonus is going to help you create offers like never before! Offer Cure® is one of the main resources I've used for my own courses and group programs over the past year, so I'm thrilled to offer it to you as a bonus inside of upLIFT.


Generous Surprises

As an upLIFT member, you’ll get opportunities to be a guest expert in my Facebook groups, spotlighted on my podcast, and featured in my emails. I love to shine a light on my community, and upLIFT members are at the top of my list!


Are you ready to join “the best group of Christian women on the internet”?

That’s exactly what one of my members said about upLIFT. And I’m currently accepting applications for other women who are ready to thrive alongside an incredible community.

I’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and your business in order to see if upLIFT is a good fit for you, and if you’re a good fit for us!

Once you complete the application, I’ll reach out to set up a call so we can chat about the next steps for your business, whether it’s upLIFT or something different.

Marketing Strategy + Christian Community + Custom Training + Accountability =

The uplift path to a thriving business

Want to see some of our students/members?

About Your Coach, Esther Littlefield:

In 2017, I built my service provider business quickly after spending a couple years trying to grow a blog and launch a course. As a service provider, I was hitting my income goals but I knew something was off.

I searched for a coach or program that would help me:

  • Strategically grow my business based on my goals and gifts

  • Provide training and coaching based on my level of business

  • Stay on track to move my business forward

  • Be surrounded by other Christian women who I could collaborate with and learn from

But I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had to DIY my path to growth and alignment. It wasn’t easy or fast.

After a few years, I realized there were other women like me… looking for a place where they could feel like they belong. A place where they could share openly about both their faith AND their business.

And that’s why I developed the upLIFT Mentormind.

Eva Kubasiak: Following through on all her ideas

Jenni Davis: Marketing Support & faith-based Connection

Your Questions Answered

Who else is in the upLIFT Mentormind?

The upLIFT Mentormind is made up of Christian women building businesses online. We have a variety of business models, from agency owners to solopreneur service providers to coaches as well as course creators.

When are the weekly calls?

Our upLIFT calls typically take place on Tuesdays at 12:30pm Eastern Time. Most calls are 60 minutes; the mastermind calls are 90 minutes. All calls are recorded and placed into the course library, and they are streamed into the Facebook group.

How does the Voxer coaching work?

Voxer is an app that you can use on your phone or computer. You. can send me a text or voice message at any time. I typically respond to messages within 1 business day. This allows you to get customized support in between the weekly calls.

What if I need additional 1:1 calls?

Some members prefer more 1:1 support than the initial onboarding call and the quarterly sessions. As an upLIFT member, you can purchase additional 1:1 calls with Esther (at a discounted rate) if needed.

What if I do the same thing as another member?

Some of the upLIFT members have similar businesses. However, we have an attitude of collaboration and abundance, and we know that God has gifted us all uniquely. Even if your business serves a similar audience and/or offers a similar service, we can still learn and grow together.

Can I join for a shorter period of time?

upLIFT is designed for the woman who is serious about growing her business and is willing to commit to herself (and this program) for at least one year. In fact, many members stay longer than a year. But I have found that you will experience the best results when we are both committed to each other for at least one year.

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