Behind the scenes of my exclusive mastermind + coaching program for Christian business women

The UpLIFT Path To A Thriving Business

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Esther Littlefield

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what others are saying...

Real Results from upLIFT Members

for those who Need focus and clarity

Eva Kubasiak

“Exponential changes.”

"I'm a visionary… I have these big ideas all the time. But having the group and direct access to you to be able to say, Hey, Esther, I've got this idea. Should I go for it? Should I wait? has been really, really helpful.

And it's really focused my business to an extent where I am seeing massive changes over the last couple of months–exponential changes– because of the direct focus and the almost corralling of my energy into like, one focus spot."

for those who want to align their offers with their gifts

Laura Howe

“Blowing my mind.”

"I just wanted to thank you for building into me because I think this framework, and the work that you have pushed me to do to create systems, to create a product, to create a consulting offer, has been pivotal. I had ideas, I had courses but I didn't have what my audience needed.

Within weeks I am getting phone calls and zoom meetings with people literally all over the world saying, 'Laura, you are a leader in this, there's no one talking like this. How can you guide us?'... And this is blowing my mind because God is so good. You are integral–I don't know if you know how integral you are to this. And so I just wanted to say thank you so so much." - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions